My name is Estela. I am a performing artist and trained classical musician, specialized in two instruments: saxophone and viola.

Coming from a non-musical family even though we always listened to music (classical, flamenco, jazz, pop, rock, and folk) at home. I was very lucky to have parents that appreciate the diversity in cultures and the good music as well.

How did my musical journey begin?

One day, when I was 9 years old while going around the music school waiting for my sister to finish her flute lesson, I heard a noise that triggered me … it was a saxophone!! I was captivated by the sound and it kept me quiet for an hour! Something that was pretty rare for a high energy girl full of curiosity and will to discover the world around her!

After this experience, I told my parents that I wanted to play the saxophone. It took me about a month to convince them that I was serious about it just by insisting every single day: “I WANT TO PLAY SAXOPHONE”.

They trusted me. At that point, THEY discovered that when I say something I really mean it!. They bought me my first saxophone. Three years later my musical journey began. A conservatory was built in my hometown, Castelló (Spain). That was a good opportunity to follow the regulated musical studies and to eventually get my music degree!!  The ONLY thing was that I couldn’t choose to study saxophone. Since I had already been accepted and it had taken several tests, days and much energy from me to get in, my mum suggested choosing another instrument offered so I wouldn’t lose my place.

Long story short… I chose (well actually it was my mum) VIOLA. A week later, I started my lessons in the conservatory and from the first moment, I knew I was meant to be a musician and that my instrument of choice would be two, saxophone and viola. Afterward, I continued my musical studies in València (Spain), Saintes (France), The Hague, and Utrecht (The Netherlands).

How does a musician’s life look like?

Currently, I am settled in The Netherlands as a freelance musician. I combine my performances (concerts) in different groups (solo, duo, trio, quartet, band, orchestra…) and styles (classical, jazz, pop, rock, electronic…), with my private teaching.

Life is good. I feel very grateful for doing what I love to do and enjoy my profession. BUT the long working days; I found myself working long hours a day and 24/7; the stress; the pressure; the competition to be the best in order to be called to play again; to have to demonstrate every single moment that I deserve to be doing what I am good at; the low and fluctuating income;  to be paid months after the job has been done, are the “shadows” of being a musician.


How did I discover to create a LIFE and an ONLINE BUSINESS that I truly LOVE?

One day, I was on Facebook and an ad took my attention. Believe me when I tell you that I am the kind of person that never ever looks at ads. I avoid them always! This ad was about a 3 days live event with the topic of money and mindset. I am very interested in the human being’s mindset. I decided to go and have the experience. It was the first time in my life I had attended such an event! I didn’t have a clue what it would be like! I found it really exciting mostly because I was following my heart and my intuition.

It turned out to be the starting point of my new life. It was here I met Mary (who now is one of my best friends). Mary introduced me to Six Figure Mentors (SFM): an education platform that has helped me to create the life I want to live.


Maybe like me… are you looking for more?

SFM has given me the opportunity to build a business around the things that matter most to me: my MUSIC, my LIFESTYLE, and my BELOVED ones.

I have learned tools, techniques, and grown my knowledge of online marketing. This amazing education has broadened my mindset to be UNSTOPPABLE. I am to be part of an incredible community that supports. The help and friendship are really fantastic and can’t be described with words, yet it has given me the FREEDOM I was looking for to choose how and with who I want to spend my time (the best gift life gives us).

I feel ABUNDANT since I joined SFM. I can now create the life, circumstances even attract the people I want to be part of my life, I feel in control of my own life!

SFM has given me the opportunity to pursue my music without the constant need to make money from it.

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