Are You Experiencing Discomfort?

How do we deal with DISCOMFORT?

This week’s MINDSET strategy: let’s look closely at the meaning of DISCOMFORT.

Do you sometimes feel some discomfort while playing? Maybe you feel some pain in your back, or neck, or arms…? Or maybe the discomfort comes in the shape of thought and uneasy in your mind? Or maybe it shows in your level of motivation to practice? …

The dictionary defines DISCOMFORT as:

1- to disturb the comfort or happiness of; make uncomfortable or uneasy.

I believe that our body is very intelligent and helps us by giving physical, emotional, and mental symptoms for us to pay attention to what we are doing at this precise moment.

We can get into the trap of practicing by “automatic pilot” and not noticing, for instance, that our posture is not the most aligned with our anatomy, and therefore one day, we end up getting injured. Let me tell you one thing: injuries don’t come overnight!

The exact same thing happens to our minds. If it happens to be that while practicing we are not 100% focused on the task at hand and instead we are worrying about something else or just simply not paying attention to the music we are playing, we will bring this state of mind and thoughts into the stage!!

It wouldn’t be surprising at all to experience stage fright or an unpleasant experience while performing if we have been literally training our MINDSET for that during our practice time, would it?

I am talking from my own experience here. I used to practice 10 hours a day for many, many years.  I would be expending days being stuck in one passage and getting frustrated about not getting the results I wanted and not moving any forward. Little I knew back then what the problem was in reality: the lack of effective practice tools and a limiting mindset I had. And that would develop in a 5 years stage fright journey… If you want to look at your personal situation, click here and book a lesson with me. I can help you because I have been there too !!

With all that said, to me DISCOMFORT would be defined as:


How do we deal with DISCOMFORT?

In order to grow and allow CHANGE to be part of your life, you have to DO NEW things that you have never done before.

If you keep doing the SAME THINGS that you have always done, you will keep getting the SAME RESULTS. It is a matter of fact actually!


1- Record yourself in the practice room. This would help you to observe your posture or any “automatic pilot” movements you do and you are unaware of.

2- Stop playing and check your thoughts. Set a commitment with yourself (and set also an alarm clock!)  that after 10 minutes of playing, you will stop and check how your mind and thoughts are doing NOW.

3- Write down your thoughts in your journal.  If you caught yourself with some destructive or unpleasant thoughts while playing, first of all, it is ok!. Don’t punish yourself because that won’t bring a solution. Second of all, take a couple of minutes to write them down in your journal: tracking your thoughts while practicing will help you to observe closely and be aware of your mindset. From that space, change can happen.

If you resonate with this message and would like to improve the quality of your practice and therefore of your playing, go ahead and Book a  FREE call with me and let’s have a chat!

I am looking forward to getting to know you 🙂




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