10 Tips and Online Tools to Promote Your Music Online

Today’s artists must rely on more than their musical talent to find fans and effectively market themselves. Thankfully, modern online tools make it easy for any musician to promote music online. Whatever the genre may be, most tech-savvy musicians know where and how to invest their energy and money to market themselves online.


10 Tips and Online Tools to Promote Your Music Online

With the likes of Youtube, Soundcloud, and a whole host of other online tools and platforms, musicians have a variety of ways to market their music these days. Not sure how to promote yourself online? Read on for the best 10 online tools to use and to promote yourself online to waiting fans.


  1. Website

Any BUSINESS should use online tools to have a powerful presence with a professionally designed website. Musicians also SHOULD make the effort to create their own websites. MUSICIANS are essentially ENTREPRENEURS that must invest in this important staple of business ownership. This website will serve as the hub of your music and online promotion efforts.

With an easy-to-use and frequently updated website, musicians will be able to list all their upcoming performances, pertinent updates, information on how to purchase their music, and interesting facts about themselves. As all this information will be centrally located here, fans and individuals interested in working with you will be able to find your site after hearing your music and searching for your name online.


  1. Blog

While some musicians may doubt the effectiveness of blogging for today’s generation, the truth is that blogging is just as important for today’s musicians as it was just a few years ago. When updated regularly, your blog will be one of your most important online tools as you try to market your music and to PROMOTE yourself online. Not sure what to post about? Musicians should discuss anything relevant to their career and something that establishes them as an industry expert. The most popular blogs are authentic, informative, and entertaining, so keep that in mind each time you update your blog.


  1. Keywords and SEO

By using the content on your website designed for search engine optimization or SEO, you’ll be able to ensure that potential fans and FOLLOWERS are directed to your website posts when searching for keywords related to you, your music, or similar topics. When creating this content, you’ll need to pick related KEYWORDS unique to your music that isn’t too niche that people won’t search for them. For example, 1 – 2  words strings like alternative rock or indie rock are great options to use to attract visitors.


  1. Facebook

Followers checking your latest post
Followers checking your latest  post

Facebook is a powerful SOCIAL MEDIA platform. While most people spend their time swiping through Instagram, bands and musicians with Facebook pages are able to invite their fans and followers to any upcoming SHOWS, inform them of new music, and promote yourself online through websites and related merchandise. While not all fans will use Facebook, it is important to have a business page on this platform to reach the followers that do.


  1. Instagram

As one of the most popular platforms for music online, Instagram is one social media app that bands and musicians can’t live without. Musicians today are single-handedly building their audience and following with the help of HASHTAGS, sponsored posts, and high-quality content. Whether you’re posting pictures of your upcoming album, shots from your last show, or behind-the-scenes VIDEOS from the studio, you’ll find that with Instagram, you’ll be able to connect to your audience in a way you couldn’t before.


  1. Streaming Services 

Device with stream music
A device with stream music online and offline

Like many other streaming services, Youtube Music, Deezer, Spotify, Pandora,  Apple Music, and similar services let members and non-members STREAM MUSIC online and offline. Making sure your music is on one or all of these streaming services will increase the likelihood that others will hear your music. Similarly, when Pandora plays your music, it will show any upcoming performances of yours that are near the listener.


  1. PPC Ads

PPC or pay per click ads is another essential marketing technique to use to promote your music. With PPC ADVERTISING, you’ll be able to promote yourself online on popular websites and search engines. These ads are only displayed to individuals online that are already likely to be interested in your music. As these websites gather information on their users, they are able to use this information to determine what people to target.


  1. SoundCloud

Many of today’s most beloved artists got their start on SoundCloud. SoundCloud makes it easy for musicians to SHARE their music online with listeners all over their world. It includes an active following of music lovers. SoundCloud’s global network is known for its flourishing music scene that has launched so many underground artists to fame. In addition to making it easy to share one’s music, SoundCloud gives artists access to listener data. This is essential for musicians that are trying out new music before moving forward with other promotional efforts.


  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective promotional tool for businesses, which makes it an important part of the musician’s marketing arsenal. Sending spam emails isn’t recommended. Bands and musicians alike should send quality emails to the interested SUBSCRIBERS of their mailing list. With a mailing list, you’ll be able to send emails directly to your fans and followers. Send them regular newsletters updating them on your progress and any upcoming performances.


  1. iTunes

iTunes acts as a way to sell new music online. You’ll be able to reach a wider AUDIENCE after listing your music with iTunes. Some bands and musicians complain that music sales are down compared to other generations. The majority of people that do buy songs use iTunes.  Make your music accessible! More people will have greater opportunities to hear and PURCHASE your music online through this app.

Your concert audience, your fans
Your concert audience, your fans


Thanks to the Internet, your new fans are only a post and a few clicks away. Make sure you’re doing everything possible to promote yourself online by using these online tools.

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